Head Immobilizer

Head Immobilizer Supplied by Ambulance Products India


* This Head Immobilizer is a new generation product of our company.
* It is made from 3 pcs separate part, light weight, easy to carry and use, made of NBR Rubber Foam.
* It can be used in the winter and summer, afford the impact of temperature difference.
Function Characteristic :-
* There are two holes which are used to observe the bleeding or drainage on both sides of the head, hole size is 6.5 cm in diameter.
* The material of product does not contain metal.
* The patient can take product during examination of X-Ray, CT, nuclear magnetic resonance imaging (MRI).
Technical Parameter :
* Pack Size :- 1 Pc
* Packing Dimension:- 42.5 x 26 x 12.5 cm
* Self weight :- 1.1 Kg
* Pack Size :- 8 Pcs
* Packing Dimension:- 55 x 45 x 55 cm
* G.W. (8Pcs):- 10.700 Kg
We are Exporters and Suppliers of Head Immobilizer at competitive prices from India.

For More Information, visit us at www.descomedicalindia.com

Model No 
STAS 701           NBR Rubber Foam


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