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DESCO MEDICAL INDIA welcomes you to our Ambulance Products Section.

Ambulance is medically equipped vehicle which transports patients to treatment facilities such as hospitals. Ambulance provides out of hospital medical care to the patient.

Ambulances are used to respond to medical emergencies by emergency medical services.

Ambulances can rapidly transport paramedics and carry equipment for administering emergency care and transport patients to hospitals.

Ambulances can be grouped into types depending on whether or not they transport patients, and under what conditions.

Emergency Ambulance – Emergency Ambulance provides care to patients with an acute illness or injury. These can be vans, boats, helicopters, fixed wing aircraft (known as air ambulances)

Patient Transport Ambulance – Patient Transport Ambulance such as vans and buses are used for transporting patients to, from or between places of medical treatment such as hospital or dialysis centre.

Bus Ambulance – Bus Ambulance is a large ambulance usually based upon a bus chassis that can evacuate and transport a large number of patients.

Charity Ambulance – Charity Ambulance  is patient transport ambulance which is provided by charity for the purpose of taking sick children or adults on trips or vacations away from hospitals or care homes where they are in long-term care.

Bariatric Ambulance – Bariatric Ambulance is patient transport ambulance designed for extremely obese patients equipped with appropriate tools to move and manage these patients.

Rapid Organ Recovery Ambulance : Rapid Organ Recovery Ambulance collects the bodies of people who have died suddenly from heart attack, accidents and other emergencies and try to preserve their organs. 

DESCO MEDICAL INDIA  Ambulance Products, Wheelchair Stair Stretcher, Folding Stretchers, Ambulance Splints are designed and manufactured in India using the highest quality materials. 

DESCO MEDICAL INDIA  Specializes in all kinds of Ambulance Products, Wheelchair Stair Stretcher, Folding Stretchers, Ambulance Splints such as:

Autoloader Collapsible Stretcher (Ambulance Stretcher)

Ambulance Stretcher cum Wheelchair

Wheelchair Stair Stretcher

Folding Stretcher 1 Fold

Folding Stretcher 2 Fold

Folding Stretcher 2 Fold Mild Steel

Folding Stretcher 4 Fold

Basket Stretcher

Head Immobilizer

Spine Board

Spine Board 2 Folded

Spine Board 4 Folded

Scoop Stretcher Telescopic

Scoop Stretcher Plastic

Traction Splint Set Adult

Air Splint Set of 6

Splint Kit Set of 6

Rolling Splint Adjustable

Emergency Blanket

Carry Sheet Blue

Cervical Collar Adjustable

KED Extraction Device

Oxygen Cylinder Aluminium (A) 1 Ltr.

Oxygen Cylinder Aluminium (A) 2 Ltr.

Oxygen Cylinder Aluminium (A) 3 Ltr.

Oxygen Cylinder Aluminium (A) 5 Ltr.

Oxygen Cylinder Aluminium (A) 10 Ltr.

Hand Held Suction Device

Vacuum Stretcher

Patient Transfer Stretcher

Multifunctional Rescue Stretcher

Emergency Scissor

CPR Board

Foldable Examination Couch

5 Parameter Patient Monitor 12.1

Oxygen Concentrator

Portable Suction Machine EcoVac 1

Portable Phelgm Suction Machine Economy

Portable Phelgm Suction Machine Stanvac

Portable Suction Machine DeVac

CPR Mask Pocket Type

Trauma Emergency Bag

Trauma Emergency Cab Bag

Stretcher Safety Belt Black

Stretcher Safety Belt Orange

Burn Sheet

Ambulance Spanner Key